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Y'all be good to one another

What a year huh? Did you see that coming? 

Visit our new store for hand sanitizer, masks, 6ft tape measures, hoodies, t-shirts, picks, posters and a bunch of other stuff nobody needs!!!

We are happy to announce the release of Corona Victrola on all streaming platforms December 4th!!! Follow our facebook and instagram for updates on new songs and performances. 

There is no doubt 2020 has been a dumpster fire, but better times are on the way friends. There is more good music in this world than hate. More love than there is sadness. More hope than there is despair. Hang in there kitty. We're gonna make it after all.

And don't forget!!! Shoe leather is a viable source of protein. Bring found water to a rolling boil for at least 5 minutes before drinking, and most of all, there are a bunch of people out there with pet tigers who are probably behind on their taxes right now. So.... keep an eye out for run away cats...

After an extended period of quarantine, Tyler Stuckey is... sad.
Quarantine- day 42


I am Tyler Stuckey, songwriter and musician based in Austin, Texas.  I perform under my name, Tyler Stuckey because after 5 years, 7 band names, and 90% of the songs written by me, it just made sense.


For the last couple years I've been playing with my honky-tonk band. Which includes Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums. With rotating accompaniment on Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Banjo, Keyboard. We've played festivals, dive bars, campgrounds, country clubs, night clubs and living rooms. All in the name of spreading these songs.  

I have a long story that includes living in tipis, RV's, my truck, a tent, Alaska, Texas, Montana, love lost, love found, alot of late nights, early mornings, building mansions and living in shacks. This probably deserves more than a line in a bio, but it's all in the songs anyway.

What I can tell you is that I have an honest addiction to music. Listening, playing and writing are on my mind from the minute I wake up till the last tune I hum to go to sleep. My first album "Tiger On the Run" slated for release in May of 2019. Because the songs are a closest thing I have to to the constant melodies in my mind. Can you hear what I hear? Dig what I dig? Feel what I feel? Hurt how I hurt? Or dance how I dance? Give it a listen and we'll both find out.

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Black Boot Family Band
The Far Out Lounge & Stage
Fat Tuesday Songswap
Twin Creeks Hall
Tyler Stuckey- Solo- The Copper Shot
Copper Shot Distillery
Waylon Jenning Tribute Night
The Far Out Lounge & Stage
Tyler Stuckey @ Faust Brewing Co.
Faust Brewing Company
Tyler Stuckey and Black Boot Family Band
Skull Mechanix Brewing
Tyler Stuckey at The Rustic Tap
The Rustic Tap
Tyler Stuckey at The BARn
The Barn Bar and Food Court
Tyler Stuckey- Gruene Hall
Gruene German Texan Dance Hall
Tyler Stuckey Solo- Twin Creeks
Twin Creeks Hall
Tyler Stuckey at Balckstar CO-OP (HAAM BENEFIT)
Black Star Co-op
Tyler Stuckey at Twin Creeks Icehouse
Twin Creeks Hall
Tin Whistle Art Gallery
5305 Bolm Rd
Tyler Stuckey and Friends at Riley's Tavern
Riley's Tavern
Tyler Stuckey at The BARn
The Barn Bar and Food Court
Tyler Stuckey & Friends---- Full Band!!!!
Skull Mechanix Brewing
A Star is Born!!!-Community First Village
Community First! Village
A Night of Songs and Stories
Patsy's Cafe
Goodbye Geoff!!!!!
Knomad Bar
Stay Gold- Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business & Tyler Stuckey
Stay Gold
Tyler Stuckey & Friends: Acoustic
Riley's Tavern
Rock House Bar and Trailer Park
Tyler Stuckey at Caracara Brewing Co.
Caracara Brewing Company
Hard Luck Lounge
Tyler Stuckey at Twin Creeks Ice House
Twin Creeks Hall
Seger De Mayo
Faust Brewing Company



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